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George and Gina Cardenas were born in Los Angeles to and grew up in its suburbs. Both had a very similar upbringing and were raised by immigrant entrepreneur parents. They grew up watching their parents work hard in their business and learned at a young age that honesty and a strong work ethic is the foundation of a successful business.

George and Gina are very passionate about the clients that the team serves, and extremely passionate about being a team that gives back to charity! George and Gina are big believers in being fighters for their clients, which you can see in their ability to get their sellers more money in their pocket! George and Gina also believe in being very proactive about finding the perfect home for their buyers, even if that means finding homes that are not yet ever on the market!

George and Gina are a couple that cherish family values and are proud parents to a teenage daughter and son. If they are not busy selling homes or training the team, you can find them educating themselves and networking with other agents and teams across the nation to be better team leaders and better agents for their clients. Their favorite thing to do is family quality time with their kids enjoying their activities and traveling.

George and Gina’s favorite team Guarantee or Program:

Communication Guarantee: George and Gina love being able to guarantee that their team will stand behind amazing communication throughout the entire process of buying or selling a home!